Friday, July 18, 2014


Spin, Plié, Train, Sweat, Smile: Inside the New BFX Studio

Welcome to Workout Wednesday: every hump-day, we'll be rounding up some of the city's hottest fitness trends and studios.
Image via Facebook/BFX Studio
A sleek black exterior adorned with three primary-colored symbols draws the attention of passersby on a recent rainy evening in Chelsea. They pause to peer through the glass windows, examining the latest addition to the neighborhood. That addition is BFX Studio, a gym that offers several types of group classes and comprehensive personal training. In sum, it really lives up to its acronym:Boutique Fitness Experience.
Ever been burned out from doing the same workout over and over? That won't happen at BFX. Among their signature offerings are Ride Republic, indoor cycling classes designed by Spinning international master instructor Josh Taylor (as in the real, trademarked deal); and Master Class, with programs ranging from a yoga-Pilates hybrid to barre to TRX to HIIT to dance. That enough options for you?
Image via Instagram/@bfxstudio
The Spinning studio features stadium seating and more room between the bikes than your average indoor cycling spot. But what makes it really special is its giant projection screens, which Taylor explained could display running cheetahs, the Tour de France—pretty much anything that'll get you riding harder. And the Spinning-registered bikes are pretty snazzy too, with wheels that light up as you ride and a digital screen affixed at the handlebars, measuring your resistance and output.
Planning to take a ride? The studio doesn't provide clip-ins—you can bring your own, or ride in regular sneakers with cages attached to the pedals.
A recent Master Class, via Instagram/@bfxstudio
Across from here is the Master Class studio, which comes stocked with comfy mats, brightly-colored kettleballs and free weights, yoga blocks, and basically everything else you could ever want to get your sweat on with.
A recent barre class taught in here by Amanda Butler started off with floor exercises atypical for a ballet-inspired class: lunges and various versions of mountain climbers, all performed on sliding pads. But the routine quickly got back to its dance roots—leg lifts performed at the bar quickly escalated to series of pliés and relevés accessible to all fitness levels.
Down a short flight of stairs is where the Private Session personal training takes place, complete with its own information desk. An initial assessment of your fitness goals matches you with an Xpert trainer, who can utilize treadmills, a TRX station, weight machines, Pilates reformers, and more in your 55-minute session.
Image via Facebook/BFX Studio
Aside from the classes, the studio offers some pretty tech-y amenities, like atablet station you can use to browse your BFX account (and the Internet in general), and touch screen check-in where you can scan your membership card, see who's already arrived for your class, and look up the class schedule to decide how you'll sweat next.
Looking to take your fitness up a notch? Utilize their wearable technology, which measures heart rate whether you're working out at BFX or otherwise, and data can be uploaded to your account for the studio.
Interested in trying the boutique fitness experience? Purchase a single class for$30, or dive into unlimited classes for a month with the special rate of $199. And if Chelsea isn't convenient for you, there's a Financial District outpost slated to open this fall.
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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Something WICKED is coming to WSSC Miami

The GHOST Bike painted by Nub Grafix is on it's way to WSSC Miami... See you next week for a ride into fear!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Join me at an amazing event in NYC on June 1st!


What if women could actually do something to reduce their breast cancer risk. What if we could prevent Diabetes. What if it was as simple as taking a walk or going for a run with a friend. City of Hope not only imagined it — they proved it. On SundayJune 1stFit & Fearless Fitness will honor leaders in the fitness community for their dedication and passion for bringing about healthier life choices.  Join us alongside NBC’s Alison Sweeney by participating in an epic day of fitness and celebration as we take over Union Square Park and fight together for a cause that benefits us all, City of Hope’s Positive Image Center.  
Join us by participating in one (or more!) of NYC’s hottest boutique fitness classes. Register here (early registrants will receive Champion gear!)
  • Ride. Be the first to take part in BFX Studio's Ride Republic Spinning® experience. Ride alongside over 200 people in this hour long ride led by Spinning® International Master Instructor Josh TaylorRegister

  • Dance. (like no one is watching) as we bring the nightclub to Union Square Park with Sadie Kurzban leading you through ((305)) Fitness’ signature dance cardio workout. As the bass pumps through your veins, you forget the insecurities and regrets. Expect a complete body workout in this class that infuses dance moves, sports drills and high intensity interval training (HIIT). And yes, expect a live DJ of course! Register

  • Train. Noah Neiman’s Fit & Fearless Master Class will leave you feeling like you can accomplish ANYTHING. This unique strength training class will condition the body to prepare for real world challenges. Expect high intensity strength training with martial arts influences. Get ready to experience a class like none other. Noah will leave you feeling confident, strong and empowered. Register

*Note, all bike purchases will include an all access day pass*

Come for the class, stay for the day! Additional activities include: BFX Studio's Barre and HIIT mini sessions, Champion Sports Mobile Fit Station, Fit & Fearless Refuel Lounge featuring snacks, beverages, giveaways, Photo Booth and more! 

Proceeds will benefit City of Hope’s cancer research & treatment programs and Positive Image Center where patients regain and retain confidence after going through treatment such as chemotherapy and radiation. When people feel good about the way they appear to the world, they generally feel better on the inside, too. Patients who feel positive about the way they look experience a faster rate of recovery than those who do not.  The Positive Image Center helps young and old alike learn to cope with the appearance-related side effects of surgery and cancer treatment. It is a safe, intimate environment where patients and their families receive individualized compassionate care from professional, licensed cosmetologists. ( ) 
For more information or to register for participation please click here
We hope you will join us on June 1st! 

City of Hope & Champion Sports Presents

Fit & Fearless Fitness

NBC’s Alison Sweeney
Ambassador of Hope

Noah Neiman & Sadie Kurzban
Fit & Fearless Ambassadors

Union Square Park, North Plaza
9:30am - 2:00pm

Own Your Body.  Own Your Health. 

Fit & Fearless Fitness will raise funds for City of Hope’s Positive Image Center, which helps encourage and empower women to feel good about themselves. City of Hope believes that fitness is a key factor in helping to boost self-esteem, promote confidence and prevent certain cancers.  The program strives to help cancer patients regain confidence in how they look while undergoing treatment. At City of Hope, the belief is that healthier lives stem from healthier living. Research led by City of Hope’s Leslie Bernstein, Ph.D. broke new ground by establishing that regular long-term exercise reduces the risk of breast cancer, the most common of women’s cancers. In fact, women who exercised three hours each week cut their breast cancer risk by

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sneak Peek- The bikes of Ride Republic™ are ready for NYC!

Here they are!  The Ride Republic™special edition "Iced" Spinner® Blade Ion's are getting ready to head to NYC.  Mad Dogg Athletics and Star Trac have done an amazing job working with me to do something truly unique and special.  The Ride Republic studio these bikes are going into at all new BFX ( is absolutely the most advanced and heavy hitting environment anyone can take a Spinning® class in. No BS, just real training will been done on these workhorses that's for sure.  I can't wait to teach people to actually RIDE and get real results!  At Ride Republic the entertainment and excitement will not only come from amazing instructors, but a huge sound system that will pound with the energy of a night club along with outta this world visuals that will take riders to new heights.

Get ready NYC!  RIDE REPUBLIC™ by BFX is coming!

Getting the wiring ready

Monday, February 3, 2014

Glitch again!

Sorry about the old posts being sent out again! I have contacted the host to try and fix the problem...

Saturday, February 1, 2014

RIDE REPUBLIC™ by BFX is looking for NYC's best!

A new and highly anticipated fitness concept is coming to NYC and is looking for world class Spinning® instructors and more!

The first BFX (Boutique Fitness Experience) Studio will be opening it's doors this spring in Flatiron NYC. The BFX Studio will showcase three unique offerings- Ride Republic™ (Spinning®), Master Class (group fitness) and Private Sessions (personal training) all under one ultra luxury roof. The fitness programs and studios within BFX environment will be cutting edge and state of the art in every way to give YOU the instructor a real opportunity to be part of something truly exceptional.

In addition to great Spinning® Instructors we are also looking for exceptional group exercise instructors for all formats, certified personal trainers, and pilates reformer instructors.

Great instruction and a state of the art place to work are only part of the BFX story.  If you are the best of the best, then BFX is your career destination. From top pay to paid time off, our goal is simple--provide the best to the best!  BFX team members will enjoy a host of benefits including medical, dental and life insurance; as well as participation in our 401(k) plan and on-going development to ensure you stay on top of your game! Our instructors and trainers are the best in the business and it shows in their skill, experience and their connection with our guests. So if you have a passion for excellence and the skill and drive to take your career to the next level, then come grow with us! 

Ride Republic™ is the ultimate Spinning® experience. A high-level program and studio designed by world-class Spinning® International Master Instructor Josh Taylor, that will deliver the most progressive and innovative rides possible. The Ride Republic experience will be delivered through a total immersion of the mind and body, in an ultra high-energy Spinning® class. The RIDES are composed of specific cutting-edge training protocols that have a deep emotional & motivational component through the use of highly focused music and visual content in the BFX luxury studio environment. It is this exceptional combination delivered by highly skilled and certified instructors that will give “the people” a truly inspiring, and unique Spinning® experience at the highest levels time and time again. 

You want to be part of the very best… Ride Republic™ is it… enough said!

To apply please send cover letter and resume to